Celebrity Booking Appearance Fee list

Celebrity Booking Appearance Fee list

Celebrity Booking Appearance Fees

Celebrities often find a secondary way to make income outside of their jobs as models, singers and actors. This money is earned through celebrity appearances at events, which not only makes the celeb some extra cash on the side, but also helps them keep their brand alive by showing up for the fans to see. Sometimes, it is just strange, as Kylie Jenner reportedly received $100,000 to appear at her own birthday party. Here is a look at how much celebrities make for their personal appearances.


BEYONCE ($1,000,000 USD)

Beyoncé Booking Appearance Fee

Beyonce, like many other musicians, gets paid a lot of appear in concert, but there are times where the money goes above and beyond normal. In 2009, Beyonce made $1 million on New Year’s Eve to just sing a total of five songs in St. Barts. To Beyonce’s credit, she donated all the money to charity because the money was paid by the son of Muammar Gaddafi.



Jennifer Lopez Booking Appearance Fee

Another singer turned tabloid celebrity is Jennifer Lopez, although she has continued to use her stardom to find other jobs. She also makes a lot of money just to show up for events. In 2001, Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko paid Lopez $1.2 billion to perform a 40 minute set during a joint birthday party for him and his wife. He also paid an additional $800,000 to fly Lopez, her husband at the time Marc Anthony, and their entourage to his estate in England.



Kim Kardashian Booking Appearance Fee

Of course, Jenner has role models to keep up with in her own sisters. Kim Kardashian might be one of the biggest socialites who profits from her name, possibly making more for just being a Kardashian than for actually working. One example came in 2010 when Kardashian turned 30 and made $500,000 for various birthday appearances that week. In 2012, she also charged $300,000 to appear at the OAK Nightclub at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve.



Kylie Jenner Booking Appearance Fee

Kylie Jenner had been promoting her 18th birthday for over a week and then made sure everyone knew when she was heading to her birthday party. The party was at Beachclub in Montreal, and the reason for the Canada trip was two-fold. First, it is legal to drink alcohol in Montreal at the age of 18 and second, they paid her $100,000 to attend her own birthday party. It was a big time expense for the club, who also paid to fly her in and let her party on a private luxury boat.



Lindsay Lohan Booking Appearance Fee

Lindsay Lohan started out her career as a child actress, but over the last few years has done little more than turn into a tabloid headline. In 2007, Lohan turned 21 and the Pure nightclub in Las Vegas paid her $350,000 to spend the night there on her birthday. However, Lohan never made the appearance because she was in rehab by the time her birthday rolled around.


MARIAH CAREY ($1,000,000 USD)

Maria Carey Booking Appearance Fee

Beyonce wasn’t the only person to make over $1 million for performing at a private event for the son of Muammar Gaddafi. The second event took place in 2008, and unlike Beyonce, Mariah Carey took the money. However, she backtracked later and claimed to be naive and unaware of who she was performing for. The money was outrageous for other reasons, as she only had to perform four songs for the cool $1 million. She earned another $1 million in 2013 by performing for another dictator, this time in the African nation of Angola.



Paris Hilton Booking Appearance Fee

Paris Hilton competed hard with Kim Kardashian for the public eye for years, and her paid celebrity appearances matched Kardashian. Hilton made between $500,000 and $750,000 for nightclub appearances at one point. However, she was also paid $250,000 to celebrate her 32nd birthday party in Lake Tahoe in 2013, where she danced the night away.


RIHANNA ($8,000,000 USD)

Rihanna Booking Appearance Fee

Yes, you read that right... 8 MILLION DOLLARS! That's the price Westfield paid her to switch on the Christmas lights at their mall in Stratford, East London, back in 2012. If you want RiRi to flick the switch on your fairy lights at home, you'd better start saving! 



Selena Gomez Booking Appearance Fee

While not quite up to the level of other actresses-turned-singers, Disney star Selena Gomez has been able to cash in on her name as well. In 2010, Gomez was making $100,000 per appearance for booking at parties and other events. Now that she has become even more popular, the price has risen as well, but her time is also not as open as it was in 2010 for these special appearances.